Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke 2011
Nissan renews maximum safety and comfort we offer sports car juke. Juke New Nissan, Nissan's new Dynamic Control System with the Sports, Normal, and Eco can choose one of three driving modes.

Nissan Juke
DCI 110hp 1.5 liter diesel engine producing 240Nm of torque with the value of power consumption value of 5.1 liters of fuel is making to the fore.
1.6-liter engine that produces 117HP power is smooth and X-TRONIC CVT transmission options.
DIG-T is the base model 1.6-liter, 240 Nm of torque and power generating 190HP engine available. Manual transmission and X-TRONIC automatic transmission with CVT-M6 are the options in this version.

Nissan Juke
Vehicle maximum speed 215 km / h, Acceleration 0-100 kph 8.4 seconds, Fuel consumption city intra 10.2 lt, city non 6.0 lt, mean 7.6 lt fuel consumes.

Nissan Juke
Vehicle as standard offered security equipment: ABS, EBD, Brake Support System, Front and rear disc brakes, driver and Passenger Yan and curtain airbag, Remote Controlled Centre Keylock System, EPS.
Car dimensions: length 4135 mm, width 1765 mm, height 1565mm, 251lt luggage capacity, and empty weight 1383 kg